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The Four Ethers of Sāńkhya Philosophy

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Introduction and Overview Sāńkhya describes four ethers—vaikhari, madhyama, pasyanti, and para—which are successively deeper descriptions of reality. The understanding of the successive ethers depends on the understanding of the previous ether. In that sense, there are four tiers of causality and each such tier must be fully understood to obtain […]

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What is Prāna?

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Introduction and Overview Sāńkhya divides matter into manas (mind), prāna (life force), and vāk. Manas and vāk are related as meaning and word or matter and mind. The conneciton between word and meaning is not universal because the same meaning can be expressed by different words in different contexts and […]

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The Varna System of Social Organization

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Introduction and Overiew The book The Yellow Pill describes the conceptual basis of an economic system different than the one that presently exists. These foundations include: (1) the real economic value lies in the objective properties of matter rather than in its human perception, and an economic system, when organized around […]