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Fundamental Failures of Modern Science

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Problems in Scientific Idea of Knowledge Modern science uses a model of knowledge based on axioms, logic, objectivity, mathematics, and mechanism. Axioms are the basic truth. From it, other truths are derived by logic. Since the axioms are fixed, therefore, to test these against reality, each thing must also be […]

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Reincarnation—The Most Essential Spiritual Truth

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Four Positions on Reincarnation Some religions accept a soul without reincarnation while others accept reincarnation without a soul. In this post, I will talk about why a soul without reincarnation is problematic but reincarnation without a soul is not. We will divide ideologies into four—(a) reincarnation with a soul, (b) […]

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The Implications of Compression and Incompressibility

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The Problem of Indeterminism No two people are completely alike. No two roses look exactly the same. No two oranges are identical. Even as we classify the world into concepts, those classifications do not entail that two things are exactly alike. They just mean that two things might have some […]