Nature of Soul and Consciousness

Overview What is the Soul in Vedic Philosophy?
Essence The Relational Nature of Consciousness
Personalism Consciousness Has a Gender
Matter Matter is Also Consciousness
Mechanism Consciousness is Rooted in Inner Conflict
Methodology How We Can Study Consciousness in Science
Misconceptions Free Will—Self-Control vs. Other Control
Distinctions Free Will vs. Willpower

Understanding the Science of God

Proof A Vedic Argument for the Existence of God
Aspecthood The ‘God Has Many Names’ Problem
Whole-Part The Drop in the Ocean Argument
Definition Truth, Right, and Good are Mutually Defined
Contrasts The Conception of God in Vaiṣṇavism
Misconceptions Fallacy of the Idol Worship Argument

Understanding Vedic Science

Nature The Implications of Compression and Incompressibility
Society A Personalist Foundation for Social Sciences
Atomism The Semantic Interpretation of Quantum Theory
Numbers The Invention of Zero
Logic Why So Much Emphasis on Logic?
Language The Necessity of Sanskrit
Medicine The Ayurveda Model of a Living Body
Technology How Airplanes Fly?

Understanding Modern Science

History How Quantity Science Emerged From Quality Science
Assumptions Cultural Assumptions of European Science
Epistemology The Illusion of Space, Time, and Motion
Calculus The Less Known Problematic Origins of Calculus
Paradoxes Chicken and Egg Problems in Science
Atomism Atomic Reality and the Crisis of Realism
Misconceptions How Living Systems Violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Problems Fundamental Failures of Modern Science

Studying Six Systems of Philosophy

Mīmāṃsā The Mīmāṃsā Doctrine of Arthavāda
Sāñkhya Creation as Conscious Creativity
Sāñkhya Understanding Satkāryavāda: Correlation vs. Causation
Vaiśeṣika How Vaiśeṣika Explains the Immune System
Vaiśeṣika One, Oneness, and Separateness
Nyāya The Aspected Nature of the Absolute Truth
Nyāya The Nyāya Philosophy of Presence and Absence
Nyāya The Nyāya Conception of a Scientific Theory

Understanding Modern Religions

Definitions Six Unique Concepts of Religion
Monotheism Is Monotheism a Description of God or of Religion?
Universalism Platonism vs. Universalism
Origins The Polytheistic Origins of Monotheism
Contrasts Personalism vs. Monotheism vs. Impersonalism